How many dice do I use?

Determine Base number:
  • Select an appropriate attribute
  • Select an appropriate skill (-1 if you don't have an appropriate skill)
  • Select appropriate equipment
  • (Optional) add support bonuses
This creates the base number for your roll. If you're target number is equal to or less than this number you will be able to add any success in your roll to your fate pool.

Determine Modifier
First determine the difficulty of the task itself. Don't consider the scenario, just consider that if the user was in the right place, with the right equipment, with the right conditions. How difficult would the task be? And yes, to a large degree this is a judgement call by the GM.

Once the difficulty of the task is determined, look at the scenario of the player. Do they have the right equipment? Are they under stress? Being fired upon? Is there a time limit? Just how difficult is the scenario that they are trying to attempt?

table 1a
Task LevelDifficulty ModifierScenario ModifierDice Modifier
simple+ 7
routine+ 3
difficult- 3difficult-3
very difficult- 7very difficult-7
near impossible- 13near impossible-13

Combine the Scenario modifier with the difficulty to determine whether any dice are given or removed from the players base number. This is the final target number for the action.

Playing with Fate
Once the target number has been determined, the player may choose to integrate his fate. Players may add dice from their pool to influence the result.


Sample Play:
Nicholas is a master thief (unlock skill of 4) He's currently in the lair of a rival gang. He's stuck at an intersection with a door in front of him with a simple lock on it. However Nicholas lost his picking tools a few minutes before while evading the guards, so he's making due with a piece of wire he found.

Nicks base number is 6 (speed of 2 and a skill of 4). The GM rules that the task is simple(+7) however due to the lack of tools and the time limit imposed by the guards that are searching for him. That the situation is very difficult(-7.) The task and the scenario have cancelled each other out. So Nick can roll 6 dice

Nick has 8 dice in his fate pool. He's reluctant to put them all in to get a 14d(just over 90%) when he'll have a one in 10 chance of loosing it all and get caught by the guards. Nick puts in 4d to bring up his total to 10, an 84% chance. Nick is also going to gain fate for every success that he rolls.

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