Dice Mechanics

Dice are rolled to resolve conflicts, determine the results of tests, and in a general to help determine the flow of the game and the interactions that a character can perform.

In this game, when a roll is performed, success is determined if ANY of the dice shows up as a six. This is very different from the majority of games out there where there is a fixed number that needs to be reached or, if they are attempting to roll, a six, they must make a certain number of successes to achieve their goal.

The probability of this is depicted in the chart below

Some key percentages:

1d6 16.7% (minimum chance)
4d6 51.8% (50/50 break point)
13d6 90.7% (1 in 10 chance of failure)
17d6 95.5% (1 in 20 chance of failure)
25d6 99.0%